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About Plurilock Security Solutions Inc.

Plurilock Security Solutions Inc. is a privately owned company, based in Victoria, BC, Canada, which was founded on the basic premise to deliver cutting-edge network security solutions, by cutting down costs while strengthening security and improving usability.

The company has invented and patented several cutting-edge network security technologies that served as basis for developing a portfolio including various innovative security products in the areas of multifactor authentication, network behavior analysis, continuous user behavior monitoring also referred to as continuous authentication, and network forensics analysis.

Two landmark inventions of Plurilock are the mouse dynamics biometric and the optical password technologies, disclosed in 2003 and 2007, respectively.

In 2003, a patent was submitted that discloses a new behavioral biometric technology based on mouse dynamic. Mouse dynamics biometric allows computer user recognition based on the way a user uses his mouse. It has various applications in security including continuous user monitoring or continuous authentication, static authentication, intrusion detection, and network forensics analysis.

In 2007, the company invented and patented a revolutionary technology for transmitting secret word such as a password between an external device such as a smart card and a computer simply through the medium of an optical or laser mouse, removing the need for a special purpose smart card reader. The technology has given birth to an innovative, strong, and cost-efficient card-based multifactor authentication product.

Plurilock security portfolio can be used to combat a wide range of online frauds including (but not limited to) card-not-present fraud, identity fraud, phishing, man-in-the-middle, and dictionary attacks.

Plurilock is committed to bring innovative and cost-effective identity assurance and network security solutions to its customers, and as such will continue researching and developing new security products, which are several steps ahead identity fraudsters and hackers of all sorts and backgrounds.

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