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Plurilock Latest News

  1. July 8, 2013

    Plurilock Security Solutions, a leading biometric-based continuous authentication software provider, announced today that it has entered into reseller agreements with three companies allowing it to resell the company's cutting authentication products in Brazil, China, and Germany.

  3. Plurilock Security Solutions, a pioneer of biometric-based continuous authentication technologies, is glad to announce that BioTracker, its flagship continuous authentication product has been selected as one of the winners of the second call issued by the Canadian Innovation Commercial Program (CICP).

  4. PluriID -- The First OTP token on the Market to Protect Individual Laptops and PCs both Locally and Remotely

    Plurilock Security Solutions Inc., a pioneer of continuous authentication and cost-effective token technologies, announced today the release of its newest product, PluriID. This OTP (one-time password) token is the first of its kind to protect individual computers both locally and remotely, providing professionals and small businesses with unparalleled protection against data and identity theft.

  5. An excellent article by Barton Gellman appeared in TECHLAND about why it is important to protect your valuable data.

  6. NTT Communications (NNT Com) announces Keytouch pass, innovative E-learning services using BioTracker (in the back-end) for continuous identity verification.

  7. In order to protect their assets and customers data, online businesses have been struggling to find the right balance between security and costs. A plethora of authentication products are available on the market. Although many of these products, by bringing an extra factor on top of the traditional username and password, generally strengthen authentication, they are costly to implement and manage, are vulnerable to session hijacking and "man-in-the-middle" attacks, and may face consumer reluctance.