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Biometric Authentication software and Laptop Security




A breakthrough biometric software application that conducts real-time network surveillance by continuously authenticating network users. They are authenticated based on their own unique mouse and keystroke movements, ensuring genuine identity protection.

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A simple OTP (one-time password) token that secures users against data and identity theft by preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to their laptop or PC. Using a combination of both a fixed and variable password gives users comprehensive workstation protection

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A cutting-edge application to secure login for users in the online environment. PluriPass measures individual keystroke dynamics, assigning each user a unique biometric signature to authenticate their login to a web platform. It's second-to-none password protection for online users

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Custom Library

A combination of technologies and features to create a custom-tailored product for your company or organization. Our team of experts can develop and integrate the most advanced authentication features in the industry into a complete network security solution.

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