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Multi-factor Authentication for Business

Business Solutions



Comprehensive protection against data and identity theft. Plurilock has created a cost-effective product to keep hackers and thieves out. Our two-factor authentication solution makes it easy for professionals to protect their laptops and PCs using a simple OTP token.

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Small Business

Security solutions for the budget-conscious business. Plurilock's suite of security products are optimized for the needs of small businesses everywhere. Data protection and network security solutions can put a dent in any business's budget; we created strong security products without the high price tag.

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User authentication to secure the online world. Plurilock has created an e-business solution to secure customer data and prevent account sharing. Our innovative biometric authentication technology gives customers an unprecedented level of password protection, helping you secure what matters most. 

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Large Organizations

Continuous authentication for real-time network security. Plurilock's continuous authentication technology is shifting the paradigm in the network security world. With our cutting-edge solutions, large organizations can protect the network in real-time and instantaneously detect, and deal with, intruders.

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