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Biometric E-Commerce Authentication software

Biometric Authentication for  E-Commerce

Whether you run a standalone e-business, or use the world of e-commerce to drive sales to your bricks-and-mortar location, or simply use the web as a portal to connect with your customers, you can appreciate the importance that website security plays in keeping your business running.

That’s why at Plurilock, we have developed PluriPass, a cutting-edge biometric authentication solution to secure the online environment. PluriPass authenticates a user’s identity during login to an online platform by measuring their keystroke dynamics. Each individual is assigned with their own unique signature, which is verified at login; therefore, only the actual user can login to the account. That's the power of behavioral biometrics. 

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PluriPass can greatly increase online security for the following types of e-business uses:

Saas (software as a service) Companies – if you’re a Saas company, your revenues depend directly on the number of users logging into the application. Account sharing and other abuses of policy costs you money. PluriPass can be used as a biometric authentication tool to validate the user at the point of login, making it next to impossible for account sharing to occur.

Banks – nowhere in the online world is it more important to protect a customer’s account integrity than banking websites. For banking institutions offering online banking to customers, PluriPass can be used to validate the online customer using behavioral biometrics at the point of login. With PluriPass, phishing, pharming and keystroke logging threats are virtually eliminated thanks to this powerful biometric authentication software. 

E-Commerce Companies – As a website that people rely on to process important transactions, account integrity is critical for e-commerce websites. If your e-commerce site stores sensitive customer data, such as credit card information, then PluriPass can be used to ensure that only real users have access to that information. Biometric identification based on behavioral biometrics is a user-friendly, transparent way to increase website security and reduce fraud. 

With whatever type of e-business you run, it is essential to implement a two-factor or multi-factor authentication scheme to protect both your company and users. At Plurilock, we are helping to secure the new digital era with innovative biometric identification software like PluriPass. 

For E- Business, we recommend


A cutting-edge biometric application to secure login for users in the online environment. PluriPass measures individual keystroke dynamics, assigning each user a unique biometric signature to authenticate their login to a web platform. It's second-to-none password protection for online users.


A simple OTP (one-time password) token that secures users against data and identity theft by preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to their laptop or PC. Using a combination of both a fixed and variable password gives users comprehensive workstation protection.