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Real-time Network and Data Security

Network Security for Large Organizations

Network security and data protection are now some of the biggest issues facing large organizations. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, or a branch of government, you know that these data and IT security threats present major risks and could trigger massive liabilities.

It is estimated that 70% of financial loss due to security breaches is a result of insider attacks. These network security breaches cause $17 billion in damages every year. 

After more than nine years in the R&D lab, Plurilock is bringing the next generation of network security to large organizations in the public and private sector. BioTracker, a new biometric authentication application, gives large organizations complete oversight of any activity occurring within the network by using continuous authentication technology. When an unauthorized user gains access to the network, the biometric identification software can recognize it right away.

Recommended Solutions


BioTracker protects against many different attacks to the network; from disgruntled employees trying to steal passwords, to man-in-the-middle attacks, continuous authentication keeps the network protected. The proprietary technology embedded in BioTracker assigns each user a unique signature based on their keystroke and mouse dynamics, thus it is able to create a behavioral biometric profile and continuously authenticate the identity of the user during the session.

BioTracker can be used in combination with a number of other network security and digital identity solutions. Whether you want to integrate BioTracker into your current network security infrastructure, or want to build a customized solution, Plurilock has the products and the people to make it happen.

For Large Organizations, we recommend


A breakthrough biometric software application that conducts real-time network surveillance by continuously authenticating network users. They are authenticated based on their own unique mouse and keystroke movements, ensuring genuine identity protection.


A cutting-edge biometric application to secure login for users in the online environment. PluriPass measures individual keystroke dynamics, assigning each user a unique biometric signature to authenticate their login to a web platform. It's second-to-none password protection for online users.

Customized Library

A combination of technologies and features to create a custom-tailored product for your company or organization. Our team of experts can develop and integrate the most advanced authentication features in the industry into a complete network security solution.