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Continuous Authentication Biometrics

Continuous and Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions

Plurilock products are multifactor authentication solutions that utilize innovative, cutting-edge technology to protect network users at login time (Static, Multifactor Authentication) and at any point throughout an ongoing session (Continuous Authentication). Our low-cost, highly usable products will help your organization address the constantly evolving security landscape and find the right authentication solution for your budget


Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication systems effectively combat
against attacks by combining two different authentication  mechanisms: one-time passwords (OTP) and (regular) fixed-passwords (FP).
To achieve this objective, these technologies implement an authentication protocol that combines a challenge-response mechanism with OTP and FP schemes.  
This mechanism allows for mutual authentication
between the client and server. Allowing this server
authentication represents an effective remedy against
rogue websites that typically participate in "phishing"
The OTP scheme represents a strong solution against
dictionary and man-in-the middle attacks. OTP is a
variable password generated for the user every time they need to access the network.  
The user doesn't have to remember the password, as it is automatically generated by PluriID. There is no reason to worry about the password being stolen since it changes for every access. Even if a hacker is able to steal login credentials during one transaction, it systematically becomes obsolete in subsequent transactions.

PlurID Features

Continuous Authentication

Continuous Authentication (CA) secures the network by providing real-time protection against identity fraudsters and session hijackers, 

More importantly, CA allows the level of authentication to be adjusted to match the appropriate level of network security risk involved.  
Our continuous authentication solution, BioTracker, is a multimodal biometric –based intrusion detection
software system that combines mouse and keystroke
These dynamics are freely collected and continuously
analyzed in a passive, unobtrusive manner throughout
each users entire login session. The system analyzes
anomalous network traffic and uses advanced heuristics to detect intrusive behavior.  
By monitoring and analyzing behaviors in this way,
BioTracker can ensure, with a high degree of accuracy,
that malicious users are detected and kept out of a
protected network perimeter.  
Additionally, the biometric profiles that are collected
can be utilized for network forensics analysis to
investigate and act on known attacks.

Biotracker Features