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Continuous, real-time authentication
for VDI and thin client workforces.

True zero trust identity for workers beyond your line of sight

Full-day identity certainty for VDI Users

Plurilock DEFEND™ for Amazon WorkSpaces

More workforces are more remote than ever before. When users are beyond line of sight and building controls, how do you know that a valid session is actually being used by the right user?

Continuous authentication for Amazon VDI and IGEL™ thin client environments confirms user identity every few seconds, all day long, as work happens.

  • Fewer time-consuming authentication workflows for users
  • Less need for rapid SSO token expiration
  • Identity certainty all day during work, even for remote desktop users

Stop trusting credentials that can be stolen and login workflows that happened minutes or hours in the past. Confirm VDI and thin client user identity in real time—without extra devices or interruptions.

Broad Client Support

Windows, Linux, or IGEL™—
it’s All Supported

Plurilock DEFEND for WorkSpaces environments supports the most common kinds of workforce endpoints, desktop or thin client—so that your VDI workforce is covered, end-to-end.

Continuous identity assurance

Confirm the correct hands on keyboard all day long—regardless of the app in use.

Frictionless identity confirmation

Gain biometric identity certainty in real time and on-demand, without interrupting the user.

Rapid detection and response

Know in seconds when a remote session is compromised and act immediately.

Ready for Zero Trust architectures

Pull real-time biometric identity confirmation in the background via API, as users act.

Compatible Systems

Supported Endpoint/EDGE Configurations

Supported VDI Configurations

How does it work?


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