The continued MFA problems and the "big picture" in cybersecurity.
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What happens when a musician and software developer takes up penetration testing? Tanya Janca, that’s what.

Tanya’s the latest guest on Plurilock's Identity in Cybersecurity podcast, where she talks about:

   ■ The importance of privacy in a world of data aggregation  
   ■ Automation and not reinventing the wheel  
   ■ Striking the balance between security and usability  

Ready to listen to this high-profile, high-energy cybersecurity expert talk about how to balance competing concerns in the world of cybersecurity?

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During COVID, MFA Challenges CISOs
The importance of MFA is now widely understood, but that doesn’t mean it’s become easier to deploy or use.
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“Passwordless” Isn’t Passwordless
MFA solutions claiming to offer “passwordless” authentication proliferate—but at the moment, none of them deliver.
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Ed Hammersla Joins Plurilock
Veteran cybersecurity leader formerly of TCS, Forcepoint, Raytheon, IBM, NEC, and Informix Federal joins Plurilock’s board.
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  Why YubiKey falls short. These four stories show why the popular hardware authenticator shouldn’t be your first—or only—MFA solution.
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  Going Zero Trust? You need Plurilock. NIST’s draft standard outlines requirements that are difficult to meet—unless you have Plurilock.
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Did you know?

Plurilock ADAPT is an invisible MFA solution that slots easily into your existing SSO framework using standards like SAML and OpenID Connect.

Suffering from account and license sharing?

Plurilock ADAPT authenticates people, not credentials—to put a stop to revenue loss resulting from SaaS license sharing.

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