Plurilock conditionally approved for TSX-V listing, plus cybersecurity through a holistic lens.

At the end of the day, how do you adequately authenticate a person, device, or organization?

In this episode, host Ian L. Paterson talks with Joni Brennan, president of the Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC), about the big picture in authentication.

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Plurilock Earns Conditional TSX-V Approval
Plurilock has received conditional approval to publicly list on the TSX-V exchange following successful completion of the previously announced RTO transaction.
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New Funding for Passwordless Research
Plurilock receives funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to further develop passwordless technology.
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Plurilock Disrupts Biometric Cybersecurity
How Plurilock’s unique technology changes the ways in which companies authenticate their users—and why Plurilock solutions aren’t like others on the market.
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  Why are passwords still a problem? It's 2020, and now is the time to use password policies as a way to sell MFA to users—not as front-line security.
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  MFA remains a challenge to deploy. Companies and security professionals know MFA’s importance—even as they struggle to embrace it.
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Did you know?

Most “continuous authentication” solutions are either not truly continuous or require additional hardware. Plurilock DEFEND provides true continuous authentication with the hardware you already have.

Behavioral Biometrics

Take a deep dive into one of Plurilock’s core technologies—what it is, how it came about, and why it offers key advantages for cybersecurity.

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