Cybersecurity challenges for 2021, IAM meets DFIR, and more.

To kick off 2021, we gathered four experts from the financial and cybersecurity industries to talk about what’s ahead—the threats, and the strategies that organizations need to adopt to address them.

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How IAM and DFIR Are Converging
Behavioral biometrics technology changes the way authentication works, turning it into a powerful DFIR and compromise detection tool for security teams.
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Identity in Cybersecurity Ep. 9
Plurilock community manager Stephen Boughton speakes with Ciaran Foley, CMO of XENEX, to discuss automation and the role of security platforms in consolidating tooling.
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  Plurilock announces new provisional patent application. Application covers methods to confirm the identities of users working remotely.
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  Plurilock partners with X10 Networks. New relationship expands Plurilock’s reach in education, government, and healthcare verticals.
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  Plurilock partners with Tantallon Ltd. New relationship expands Plurilock’s reach into EMEA financial services markets.
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  Plurilock Begins Trading on OTCQB Market. Company appears under the ticker “PLCKF” beginning on January 21st, 2021.
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Did you know?

Plurilock provides real-time credential compromise detection—flagging instances in which credentials or accounts are being used by someone other than the person that owns them, both at login and all day long.

Panel Discussion:
Getting the Board Onboard with Cybersecurity

Getting buy-in from the board is essential for cybersecurity success. Attend this panel discussion to hear expert advice on how to tie cybersecurity initiatives to business goals and realities, and how others have driven success in earning board-level buy-in.

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