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War coming? Breach risk high? Network grinding to a halt? We can help.

Plurilock Critical Services solves hard IT and cybersecurity problems, under the toughest of circumstances, with the shortest mobilization times in the industry.

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Affordable, Top-rated DLP for Companies of Every Size

Control the flow of data inside your organization—and stop unauthorized downloading, uploading, copy-pasting, emailing, and sharing.

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Expertise You Can Trust

We're not just a family of companies—we are a family of people offering world-class expertise in AI, software engineering, cybersecurity, cloud and networks, IT systems, and defense.

To work with Plurilock is to work with experts you can talk to—and trust.

PhD Data Scientist
Senior Solutions Architect
Cyber Solutions Lead
Pro. Services Executive
Pro. Services Specialist
Network Engineer
Software Engineer
Engineering Director
Team Lead
Project Manager
Lead Engineer
PhD Data Scientist
Account Executive
Cyberscurity Head
Reliability Engineer
Contracts Manager

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Joining Juniper With RSA

When a major healthcare company needed to integrate their IAM with their remote access, they turned to Plurilock Critical Services.

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Our Partners in Growing Markets

Meet the Plurilock AI partners taking Plurilock AI to security-minded customers in emerging markets.

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Strong Identity Through AI

Patented technology that recognizes users in real time by the way they move their hands.

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Erecting Guardrails for AI

Find out what you need to do to ensure that AI serves your organization safely, rather than breaking things, in this white paper.

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Cybersecurity Reference

Get help with common cybersecurity terms, concepts, solutions and needs—plus statistics, specialty topic deep-dives, and more.

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Practical Cyber Cheat Sheet

Just the facts—the simple steps to stay secure, plus the steps you should take if things go wrong.

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Just-right Cybersecurity for K-12

We've worked with schools across the United States and North America to find learning technology security solutions.

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End-to-end solutions. Unmatched expertise.

Next-generation Cybersecurity

Plurilock is an industry leader AI/ML cybersecurity, enabling least privilege, real-time identity, and compliance for the hardest controls in zero trust.

Comprehensive IT Solutions and Services

We combine our own expertise and in-house technology with leading products and services from across the industry to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Expertise, Excellence, and Trust

The Plurilock family of companies represents over 30 years of success and satisfaction serving commercial and government clients around the world.

Passwordless single sign-on and cloud app security


(minimum 5 users)

What you get:

  • Cloud apps single sign-on
  • Flexible access control
  • FIDO2 passwordless login
  • Multi-factor authentication

Single sign-on plus full data loss prevention


(minimum 5 users)

What you get:

  • Passwordless SSO+MFA
  • Cloud apps data security
  • Endpoint data security
  • Personal account blocks

Secure your small business—simply.

Passwordless Single Sign-on

Modern login management that puts an end to password problems and account takeovers.

Flexible Access Control

Decide who can use your company apps—when, where, and under what conditions.

Data Loss Prevention

Stop the sharing, copying, pasting, downloading, uploading, and emailing of your data.

Latest Resource

When a New Jersey college found themselves facing a ransomware attack, the Plurilock Critical Services team came to the rescue.