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Simple least privilege access management for your cloud apps.

The Need

Security, ease of use, and simplicity.

Your users are navigating dozens of logins. They're working remotely, sometimes on unsecured devices or from insecure locations, sometimes during off-hours.

Plurilock AI Cloud enables you to meet fundamental compliance requirements and security needs in one simple platform—quickly and accessibly.

the solution

Plurilock AI Cloud secures users—and cloud software—without headaches.

Single sign-on.

Enable your users to sign on once, securely, to access every cloud app they use, whether you're an O365 or Google shop.

Access control.

Grant or deny by device, location, application version, time of day, and other group policy access management tools.


Adopt current security best practices while serving your users by replacing passwords with secure FIDO2 tokens.

Unusual coverage.

Unlike competing SSO platforms, Plurilock AI Cloud can bring single sign-on to applications that don't natively support it.

Workday control.

Make sure that users only work during the workday—and that when the workday is over, they are signed off.

Identity sanity.

Achieve a seamless, flexible, single-login identity universe across Google, Azure, and Active Directory.

Top-Rated in Satisfaction

Plurilock AI is a champion at enabling security without frustration.

Based on independent surveys of actual customers, Info-Tech and SoftwareReviews rank Plurilock AI in the champion quadrant—at the top of the industry—when it comes to customer satisfaction and delivering value.

If you're looking for a frustration-free SSO platform that also delivers maximum value, you can't do better than Plurilock AI.

How it Works

Fundamental cloud security that goes down painlessly.

Buying security tools is often a labor-intensive, puzzling process that chews through dollars and time, even once a purchase is made.

Plurilock AI Cloud provides flexible single sign-on and access control and without requiring the deployment of new software or agents to users.

Standards-based single sign-on provider

Flexible, granular access controls

Native multi-factor authentication and passwordless

Why It's Different

Low friction, low TCO.

Our customers like Plurilock AI Cloud because they can buy, configure, and begin to operate it in hours, without rolling out or maintaining new software, and without spending hours buried in documentation.

Why It's enterprise-ready

Plurilock know-how.

Plurilock is a leading provider of cutting-edge identity and cybersecurity solutions trusted by governments and regulated enterprises in demanding environments around the world.

Identity Without Friction

Invisible login MFA. Continuous authentication.

Recognize your users without SMS, OTP, hard tokens, or devices. SAML, OIDC, and ADFS ready.


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