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About Plurilock

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Plurilock™ provides advanced cybersecurity solutions and critical services to governments and Global 2000 companies.

We enable organizations to solve seemingly impossible problems, achieve compliance, attain leadership in their verticals, and drive productivity and morale—all while computing with peace of mind.

In-house Solutions

Plurilock’s solutions use patented behavioral-biometrics and layered identity signals for high security.

Deep Expertise

Plurilock employs world-class experts in cybersecurity, AI, networks, and governance. We’ll solve your problem.

Global Reach

With offices in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Vancouver, Ottawa, and India, we serve North America and the globe.

the plurilock story

How We Got Here

Plurilock was founded in 2016 as a result of groundbreaking academic research that created a novel technique for authenticating a person’s identity using behavioral biometrics. This breakthrough provided distinctive, radical benefits over traditional biometric technologies. The researchers applied this new “behavioral-biometric” science to the movements involved in mouse and keyboard activity. By observing this motion over time, the technology could continuously confirm identity.

Following several years of strategy and product development, Plurilock secured initial contracts with marquee customers in finance and defense, and in 2020 was listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and then the OTCQB Venture Market.

Today, Plurilock has grown into to a major North American IT VAR, critical services provider, and cybersecurity solutions vendor serving federal, state, and local governments as well as top companies worldwide with our unique brand of expertise.


Who We Are

Ian Paterson, CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Ian was founder and CEO of Exapik, a data monetization marketplace. Before that, he led the enterprise data science division at venture-backed analytics firm Terapeak, later acquired by eBay.

Scott Meyers, CFO

20 year proven financial officer with experience in multinationals, Canadian organizations, and managing growth through downturns.

Tucker Zengerle, COO

20-year operations expert with experience in scaling operations and driving company growth in the financial sector, with roles in banking, private equity, and cybersecurity.


Why Join Us

Plurilock ™ is a fully-distributed team of tenacious individuals who thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Plurilock provides a unique opportunity to work with cutting-edge science in the exciting cybersecurity space.

Plurilock core values

Proactive. You have a deep sense of ownership and accountability and seek to create your future rather than wait for it.

Tenacious. You are determined to succeed, and you are motivated by the success of our customers and colleagues.

Curious. You have a thirst for growth and are always learning ways to make things better.

Humble. You lead with humility and empathy, respecting and learning from the perspectives of others, and willing to change when new information comes to light.

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