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About Plurilock

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Plurilock™ is the global leader in advanced, frictionless authentication.

We enable organizations to reach compliance, achieve leadership in their verticals, and drive productivity and morale—all while computing with peace of mind.

Increased Security

Plurilock’s solutions use patented behavioral-biometrics and layered identity signals for high security.

Unmatched Usability

Plurilock solutions are either invisible to users, run silently in the background during work, or both.

Enhanced Privacy

Plurilock relies on numerical analysis and machine learning, not biographical or identifying data.

the plurilock story

How We Got Here

Plurilock was founded in 2016 as a result of groundbreaking academic research that created a novel technique for authenticating a person’s identity using behavioral biometrics. This breakthrough provided distinctive, radical benefits over traditional biometric technologies. The researchers applied this new “behavioral-biometric” science to the movements involved in mouse and keyboard activity. By observing this motion over time, the technology could continuously confirm identity.

Following several years of strategy and product development, Plurilock secured initial contracts with marquee customers in finance and defense, and in 2020 pursued public listing with the TSX Venture Exchange and then the OTCQB Venture Market to further the company’s growth.

Today, Plurilock’s team includes decades of B2B, cybersecurity, and technology experience, senior cyber officials such as VADM Mike McConnell on its board, and recently made its first acquisition in California.


Who We Are

Today Plurilock boasts a world-class senior team and management with decades of B2B, technology, and hot startup expertise.

Ian Paterson, CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Ian was founder and CEO of Exapik, a data monetization marketplace. Before that, he led the enterprise data science division at venture-backed analytics firm Terapeak, later acquired by eBay.

Roland Sartorius, CFO

A proven CFO with over 25 years of experience, Roland's was previously CFO at a Switzerland-based private equity firm, then spent many years at KPMG.

Jord Tanner, CTO

A 25-year veteran in software and hardware, Jord's executive history includes time in e-commerce, big-data analytics, and critical payments.


Why Join Us

Plurilock’s sunny, plant-filled downtown office is located in the heart of the technology district in Victoria, British Columbia.

We work hard, drink lots of coffee, and wear nerdy t-shirts. We have posters on our walls from around the world, representing each of our employees. We get together for team lunches on Fridays.

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