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Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions

Over 93% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach.

Protect provider logins, privileged workflows, and patient data with invisible behavioral biometrics.

Invisible Healthcare MFA

Arm logins with frictionless multi-factor authentication.

Users log in with just their username and password—but identities are confirmed biometrically, behind the scenes.

Full-day Authentication

Protect key accounts entirely—without hobbling work.

Authenticate providers and staff in the background as they work—800 or more times a day.

Providers and Facilities

Secure Care Without Interruptions


Stop Unauthorized Data Access

Who It's For

Healthcare Industry Organizations





Identity Without Friction

Invisible login MFA. Continuous authentication.

Recognize your users without SMS, OTP, hard tokens, or devices. SAML, OIDC, and ADFS ready.


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