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Advanced services and solutions for critical business problems.

From penetration tests and phishing assessments to urgent digital transformation in geopolitical hotspots, Plurilock has you covered.

Why We're Different

We are a technology consultancy, a top IT and cyber service provider, and a major VAR—rolled into one.

When time is of the essence, complexity is your enemy.

With the shortest mobilization times in the industry, Plurilock combines the capabilities of a strategic consultancy, a dedicated professional services provider, and a value-added reseller.

Bring us your stickiest problems and we can solve them—from on-the-ground investigation and big-picture planning to competitively-priced solutions acquisition to deployment and execution, all in a tightly-closed loop, with teams that work together every day.

Professional Services Digital Transformation Cyber Engineering Cyber Operations Advisory
and GRC

Why We're Better

Start Now, Not Later

Move beyond boot-up and mobilization times measured in months to quarters. Plurilock hits the ground running in days to weeks.

Eliminate Blocks

Put an end to different organizations blocking each other with slow handoffs and scheduling issues. We plan, procure, and implement inside one organization.

Deploy Maximum Expertise

We provide battle-tested technology veterans, engineers with PhDs, and staff with top-level vendor certifications, to find solutions to problems others find intractable.

Slash Spend

Our tight integration, massive vendor list and SKU library, and deep industry relationships bring projects to completion at a fraction of the cost.

Skip the Learning Curve

With years of experience in federal, state, and local government, commercial and enterprise, and multi-shore execution, we aren't slowed by the "learning curve" problem.

Talented, motivated, high velocity teams paired with emerging technology—to solve business challenges at scale.

  • Founded on AI and cybersecurity
  • Solving the world's most complex problems
  • Meeting any technology need
  • Offering what others can't
  • With unmatched practical experience
  • And world-class expertise in cutting-edge technology

What We've Done

Plurilock has helped clients around the world to confront IT and cybersecurity problems of just about every kind and difficulty level. These are some of our favorite success stories.

Legacy cloud migration in troubled environment: Helped a major manufacturer in a conflict-affected area to rapidly lift and shift a complex network and critical AS/400 assets into the cloud, without downtime.

Complex physical network refresh in dense urban environment: Enabled a major urban library system in the United States to relaunch their complex WiFi system, across many dozens of locations, in unforgiving architectural environments, without downtime.

Extensive custom integration between disparate systems: Deployed an extensive integration framework between the high-security IAM stack at a large healthcare provider and their remote access solution, enabling seamless remote work without compromising compliance.

Rapid incident response and remediation for malware attack: Ensured the rapid recovery of a public organization after multiple servers were infected by ransomware, including network-wide impact assessment, audits, and security remediation to prevent future recurrence.

Down-time free network redesign and redeploy: Designed and deployed a new, redundant VPN and IPsec network for a major manufacturer, enabling transformation through advance staged configurations to achieve zero downtime.

Bandwith WAN optimization in the midst of a major rollout: Helped a major supplier with offices worldwide to rearchitect their WAN without downtime when previous plans proved insufficient during a major new infrastructure rollout.

Plurilock Critical Services thrives at the intersection of business, technology, and unusually challenging conditions.


Tell us about your circumstances. We'll tell you how we can help.

Plurilock accepts critical services inquires at each of our four North American offices.

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Canada West (Vancouver)

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