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Bridge your least privilege and zero trust gaps.

Plurilock AI is a platform that enables least privilege access controls for more surfaces, roles, and edge cases—without unnecessary complexity.

We’ll help you define your needs, then deploy a perfectly matched solution.

Get machine learning for the hardest controls.

Events like user departures or changes without logout are difficult to control for—but Plurilock’s DEFEND™ technology spots them in seconds.

Stop insider threats, takeovers, and credential misuse and preserve least privilege even under worst-case conditions.

Passwordless single sign-on and cloud app security


(minimum 5 users)

What you get:

  • Cloud apps single sign-on
  • Flexible access control
  • FIDO2 passwordless login
  • Multi-factor authentication

Single sign-on plus full data loss prevention


(minimum 5 users)

What you get:

  • Passwordless SSO+MFA
  • Cloud apps data security
  • Endpoint data security
  • Personal account blocks

Secure your small business—simply.

Passwordless Single Sign-on

Modern login management that puts an end to password problems and account takeovers.

Flexible Access Control

Decide who can use your company apps—when, where, and under what conditions.

Data Loss Prevention

Stop the sharing, copying, pasting, downloading, uploading, and emailing of your data.

Latest Resource

Plurilock’s Application Security Assessment ensures compliance with industry regulations and identifies vulnerabilities through comprehensive testing, enabling robust protection for your critical applications.


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