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Aron Hsiao

Vp of Product - Plurilock

Senior professional with 30+ years in technology, a big-picture eye, world-class copy skills, and a relatively unique organizational and technological background that includes:

• Product and experience design and development
• Creative, UI/UX design, and instructional design
• Human factors
• Initiative-critical and application-critical public relations/communication
• Coding, web development, and SaaS/API lego games
• Data architecting and database administration
• Research, analysis, and reporting
• Project and team management and benchmarking
• Any app I can test-drive for an hour, from Office to Adobe CS to SPSS to R Studio to Optimizely
• Digital asset and content management and distribution
• Oxford commas, smart-quotes, and true en- and em-dashes
• General greatness in melee situations

Professionally and personally, I specialize in understanding and conceptualizing the friction points between technologies and publics, then leading the charge to address them—always with the ability to man the front lines myself when necessary.