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Achieve true Zero Trust.
And slash your MFA costs.

Plurilock provides invisible authentication and continuous identity monitoring.
It’s device-free. It’s password-free. And hassle-free.

We help enterprise organizations
achieve true Zero Trust.


Traditional MFA works as a gate, stopping users
at a chokepoint.

Plurilock’s approach lets users get to work, without MFA friction. Our continuous authentication works in the background, as users work, providing real-time authentication that’s compliant with NIST 800-207.

No password policies. No devices. No problems.

Plurilock is truly invisible to your users. There are no added steps, devices, or complex passwords to achieve true Zero Trust authentication.


Invisible Authentication:
You have to see it to believe it.

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"Plurilock delivered on their promise to reduce authentication friction, and we were surprised at how efficient and simple to administer the system is. The authentication really is biometric-strong—and we've seen very few false alarms."

—CIO, EdTech Vendor

"...the unobtrusive and almost magical nature of Plurilock ensures they aren't constantly fumbling for a 2FA code, leading to faster SLAs and happier customers. As CTO, I get the peace of mind that our tools are secure."

—CTO, SaaS Knowledge Management Company

"Plurilock provides a nearly frictionless experience for users—no extra steps to take, no tokens to fumble around for, no PINs to enter, and nothing to remember."

—451 Research

Recognize users all day long— no extra devices, steps, or workflows.

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