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Pairing World-class Services with a World-class VAR Gives Plurilock—and You—Key Advantages

By working together closely to solve your problems, Plurilock Critical Services and Aurora deliver lower costs—and key advantages—over other service providers or VARs.

At Plurilock we’re both a consultant and services provider (through our Plurilock Critical Services  unit) and a large technology reseller with millions and millions of SKUs on file (through our Aurora  division).

From time to time, we find ourselves explaining to clients of one unit or the other why they should be a client of both—why it makes sense to procure hardware and software directly from the same company that provides your cybersecurity and advanced IT services and consulting.

Services and VAR Under One Roof

Here are five key reasons why having advanced services and an IT var under the same roof—and relying on both at the same time—is advantageous for most customers:

Aurora, Plurilock’s in-house VAR, is a major North American var with huge negotiating power that’s closely integrated with our services and consulting unit—in ways that benefit you.
  • Lower costs through efficiency and negotiating power. Because services and consulting teams belong to the same organization through which hardware and software are procured, purchases can be configured and scaled directly to spec for needs, eliminating shelfware and mis-scaled/scoped purchases. In comparison to procuring direct, we have volume-driven negotiating power to secure far lower prices.

  • Lower costs through vendor neutrality. In comparison to procuring from a separate VAR that isn’t also providing associated services, our revenue isn’t entirely dependent on our hardware and software sales to you. As a result, we have little incentive to sell what you don’t need, and since we carry just about every product line on the market, we also have little incentive to drive you toward one product line over another that might be more advantageous for you.

  • Speed and flexibility. In cybersecurity and information technology, there are many circumstances in which speed is more important than cost. Here, too, we have a significant advantage. The services or consulting team is under the same roof as the VAR—meaning instant responsiveness. Just as importantly, due to volume we are able to procure from vendors more rapidly than most other organizations, and far more rapidly than could be achieved with direct purchases.

  • Communication, education, and knowledge. For most VAR procurements and direct procurements, you’ll generally get attention around the time you’re up for renewal every year or every few years, with not a lot in between. Because our services and consulting organization works for you, however, and isn’t just about selling you more stuff, you’ll gain communication, education, and support for your purchases on an ongoing, needs-driven basis.

  • Less frustration. Rather than an assortment of vendors and providers that all have to be managed and that all have to interface or coordinate with one another and with you, Plurilock is able to reduce mountains of paperwork and cross-organizational communication to a single unified team, unified projects, and unified budgets that just make sense.

By bringing world-class services and world-class VAR under one roof with an integrated team, Plurilock reduces project, management, and paperwork complexity significantly.© Alphaspirit / Dreamstime

Success in the Field

As we’ve outlined above, Plurilock’s Aurora division is a major North American VAR with decades of experience selling to the public and private sectors at every scale, along with coast-to-coast offices and an incredibly deep set of relationships across the industry.

As a result, clients find that our services teams are able to create unusually deep and concisely-specified multi-service, multi-product bundles—that massively reduce cost and complexity and that multiply functional efficiencies in ways that other services providers and other VARs simply can’t match.

Quite simply, we can sell clients exactly what they need, from the right combination of vendors, at the lowest possible cost—while insulating them from all the dreaded practicalities of coordination, negotiation, and vendor management.

The over 30 years of success enjoyed by Plurilock’s services and VAR units is a testament to this reality. Customers love our services and VAR teams and the ways in which they synergistically lead to better solutions, better effectiveness, and significantly less spend.

If you’re in need of either services and consulting or hardware and software sales—and certainly if you have a use for both—reach out to us  for an initial consultation and to see firsthand how powerful it can be to tightly couple a world-class services and consulting organization to a world-class technology VAR. ■

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