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Employees are using AI—and pouring proprietary and confidential data into ChatGPT. How do you establish governance?

Employee AI use needs guardrails.

Few workers have instincts about how to use AI systems safely. Data is flooding into AIs as they’re prompted to summarize HR files, review patent applications, or write code.

Blocking AI websites is a band-aid at best—and doesn’t help with problems like the inclusion of AI in SaaS applications. What’s needed is real guidance on:

  • What the complete risk landscape looks like

  • How to craft and deploy a sound AI governance policy

  • How to match this to reasonable access controls

  • How to enable employee productivity with AI—without risking data leakage

Download this white paper for a step-by-step guide to these issues—and a handy checklist that acts as your map to the AI-for-business territory.

Download our detailed white paper on establishing AI governance.

Generative AI is being adopted across your organization, maybe even in shadow IT fashion. Your employees are using it—and you need guardfails, fast!
This white paper walks you step-by-step through the policy, governance, access control, and technology issues at stake.

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