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Give access to every application with one login. Control that access all from one dashboard.

One login for all your apps. Flexible configuration and control.

Your employees have too many logins and too many passwords to remember.

Meanwhile, you need central control over:

  • Who can log in to which applications
  • With which computers and browsers
  • At which times of day
  • From which locations

With Plurilock AI Cloud, you’ll:

  • Give access to all your apps with one login
  • Simplify employees’ work lives considerably
  • Gain a new world of flexible access control
  • Do it all from one simple dashboard

Plurilock AI solves your login and access control problems—and I’d like to show it to you in a comprehensive demo.

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My name is Ayush Sharma and I oversee India sales for Plurilock Security Pvt. Ltd.

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“I was looking for email security and found several options in my search. What attracted me to CloudCodes was that they help you to implement security even if you’re not an expert. The admin console is very intuitive and easy to use. Why did I stay? Their service.”

—Joaquuin Marquez,
Chemical Coslett

“[Their] CASB solution has given me peace of mind by empowering me with the ability to implement additional security for Google apps for my organization. I would recommend the cloud security solution to everyone who uses Google Apps for work.”

—Hiral Pancholi,
Swastik Technopack

“We have some very sensitive information that staff can access and so are very concerned about keeping it ‘in house.’ Keeping staff productive and ensuring that the opportunities for negative actions against our organization are minimized is why we chose [the] solution. I feel a lot more secure...and highly recommend it.”

—John Smith,
OnTax Accountants Ltd.

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