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Behavioral Biometrics

Behavioral Biometrics History, Applications, and Technology​

Forecast for the future of Behavioral Biometrics

Prediction 1

Behavioral biometrics will proliferate in desktop and workplace computing.

The first wave of behavioral biometrics solutions to see marketplace adoption was focused on mobile computing. While these applications remain essential, over the next several years behavioral biometrics will become a significant security paradigm in non-mobile computing contexts as well.

Adoption of behavioral biometrics technologies will continue to increase across organizations of all types—to meet the the growing need for highly secure authentication that balances increasingly stringent privacy, security, and user experience quality requirements.

Prediction 2

Behavioral biometrics will become a critical security component for the IoT.

By 2020, some 26 billion devices will be connected to the “Internet of things” (IoT). Ranging from personal and household devices to sensitive military and scientific equipment, these units represent a vast ocean of vulnerability spread throughout human environments—for which device-by-device password authentication is implausible.

Behavioral biometrics is now coming to the fore in workday and organizational computing. In the future, we’ll likely see behavioral biometrics reach critical mass, then dominance as a fundamental, largely ambient security platform for IoT devices, too.

Prediction 3

Behavioral biometrics will become more predictive and adaptive.

As AI and machine learning continue to advance, their ability to draw conclusions, learn from, and take intelligent action based on real-time data inputs will also grow.

In the years to come, these advancements will drive even greater predictive and adaptive capabilities for behavioral biometrics technologies—for example, the ability to predict and correct user mistakes based on past behavior, or the ability to preemptively allocate or deallocate network and computing resources based on previous patterns of legitimate use.

Behavioral Biometrics: Chapter 6

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