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Announcing Our Summer ’20 Release of ADAPT— Now with SAML and OpenID Connect

Now companies can deploy Plurilock ADAPT™ not just via API or in Microsoft ADFS environments, but as part of an SSO stack or wherever SAML and OpenID Connect are supported.

Plurilock™ released ADAPT,  our invisible login MFA product, in early 2019. Based on the same science that lies behind our DEFEND  continuous authentication solution, ADAPT was designed to do one thing well: provide behavioral-biometric multi-factor authentication (MFA) for logins.

ADAPT quickly became our most popular product, and as we expanded into new verticals and areas of need following the introduction of ADAPT, we learned that the market was hungry for an MFA solution that:

Now Plurilock ADAPT boasts out-of-the-box connectivity to ADFS, SAML, OpenID Connect, and API-driven identity layers. © Plurilock
  • Was biometric-secure but also privacy-safe

  • Did not require extra login steps, hardware, user training, or user configuration

  • Did not lead to increased support load for IT staff

  • Did not cause user revolts or enough resistance to create shelfware

  • Didn’t keep CISOs up at night with worry like some forms of OTP do

  • Enabled, rather than slowed, organizational productivity overall

What we’ve learned over the same time period is that companies want to be able to more easily deploy ADAPT in non-ADFS environments, without having to use JavaScript or an API.

Introducing Plurilock’s Summer ’20 ADAPT Release

Today we’re pleased to announce availability of our Summer 2020 update to Plurilock ADAPT. With this release, which also contains a host of new optimizations, ADAPT supports integration via:

  • Microsoft ADFS

  • JavaScript and the ADAPT API

  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 

  • OpenID Connect (OIDC) 

Popular identity providers like Okta, Duo, OneLogin, and Ping Identity all make web-based instructions available to admins on how to connect their platforms to preferred authentication solutions using SAML or OpenID Connect. In short, with this release ADAPT:

  • Is deployable in most corporate environments without integration work

  • Can be dropped more quickly and painlessly into most single sign-on (SSO) flows

  • Makes it easier than ever to replace existing MFA solutions with next-generation authentication

  • Or to use existing MFA solutions as a backup to ADAPT’s frictionless MFA capability

IT professionals interested in evaluating Plurilock ADAPT™ for their company will now have a much easier, more lightweight path by which to kick the tires, try ADAPT, and find out just how impressive ADAPT can be as a replacement for traditional MFA solutions.

The Best Identity Experience Available

When deployed together in an SSO-driven environment, Plurilock ADAPT and Plurilock DEFEND™ now offer the most secure, lowest-friction authentication stack in the industry. Users are able to:

  • Log in just once in the morning

  • While providing just their username and password, no other steps or devices

  • But with their identity biometrically confirmed in the process

  • Then work the rest of the day without logging in again

  • While their identity is biometrically confirmed all day long, every 3-5 seconds, continuously

If you’ve been told in the past that security and user-friendliness are in tension with one another, we’d love to show you the latest release of Plurilock ADAPT to demonstrate just what a transformative authentication solution it is—particularly when combined with Plurilock DEFEND.

Schedule a demo  to see it in action today. ■

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