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How to Navigate the Generative AI Frontier—and Ensure AI Safety and Security in Your Business

Safe use of Generative AI in a business setting is increasingly important—and very possible, if you know where to turn.

In an era where innovation and technology are at the forefront of business operations, the integration of generative AI has become a game-changer for countless industries. Companies are leveraging the power of AI platforms like ChatGPT and Bard to streamline processes, generate content, and enhance productivity. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and it is imperative for businesses to stay vigilant when treading the waters of generative AI.

The Rise of Generative AI—and the Need for Vigilance

Generative AI, which including platforms like ChatGPT that rely on large language models for their operation, has significantly transformed the landscape of business operations. From drafting emails and documents to automating customer service, the applications seem boundless. However, as businesses increasingly adopt these AI solutions, concerns about data security, privacy, and compliance have surfaced.

Understanding the risks is step one towards safe AI usage—but there need to be additional steps that aren’t simply blocking it.
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But this enthusiasm surrounding generative AI should not overshadow the critical need for vigilance in its implementation. As users engage with AI platforms, the sensitive data included in document summaries, formatted tables, and drafts can inadvertently find its way into the vast and generally proprietary data stores associated with these models. The potential risks of data leakage and privacy breaches loom large, regardless of whether the data is used for future training or simply ends up in third-party hands, threatening both compliance and the foundation of trust that businesses have built with their clients and stakeholders.

Blocking AI entirely is often the knee-jerk reaction to these concerns, but the cost of blocks is high. The gains that generative AI offers in terms of efficiency, productivity, and innovation are so substantial that to sacrifice them will soon reduce organizations’ ability to compete in the marketplace.

Instead, AI guardrails that secure a company’s use of generative AI—without requiring a complete blocks of AI or large classes of AI queries—become crucial.

Approaching the Problem Differently

Plurilock has approached the problem of AI guardrails differently from other providers, developing a groundbreaking (and patented) solution combining data loss prevention (DLP) concepts with fresh thinking to create to provide an active guardian for users of generative AI, ensuring that businesses can continue to query AI in the ways that they find most useful without compromising sensitive data or falling afoul of regulatory requirements.

Plurilock AI PromptGuard,  the product based on this technology, takes a smarter approach—enable AI use within organizations while prioritizing data governance and compliance.

How it Works

PromptGuard acts as a virtual intermediary or a kind of proxy, positioned between users and the AI platform. As users input prompts, PromptGuard scans them for confidential or sensitive data, then anonymizes this data before subsequently transmitting the prompt to the AI—without changing the fundamental structure of the prompt or data. This proactive step prevents data leakage at the source.

The AI’s answer to the prompt is returned to PromptGuard, which de-anonymizes the referenced data once again before displaying the answer to users. As a result, users can prompt AI using the data they’re actually working with, and the AI-generated outputs they receive back also reference the data they’re actually working with—but the AI platform never sees this data.

The result is a seamless experience that doesn’t compromise privacy or leak data to AI platform data stores.

AI Enablement

This balance enables organizations to continue to benefit from the capabilities of generative AI rather than having to resort to a complete block on AI use. Instead, PromptGuard facilitates safe and secure interactions in which the integrity and privacy of sensitive information is preserved.

Safe, Compliant, but Not Blocked

While the potential of generative AI in transforming business productivity is undeniable, the data security, privacy, and compliance problems are very real. Unlike other solutions to the these problems, Plurilock AI PromptGuard provides businesses with the means to navigate the generative AI frontier flexibly but also safely.

As the adoption of generative AI accelerates, businesses must prioritize the protection of their data assets and compliance. The most savvy businesses will move beyond simple blocks and integrate solutions like PromptGuard to ensure data security, privacy, and compliance without losing AI productivity gains.

It’s not just about staying ahead of the curve; it’s about doing so with a mindful approach that safeguards the trust, reliability, and the sensitive data that lies at the core of many businesses today. ■

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