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Introducing Our Q4’20 Release—With Scalability, Proxy, and Support Enhancements

Plurilock's™ Q4'20 release is designed with enterprise environments in mind. We've boosted scalability, compatibility, privacy, and profile training automation to make a more compelling Plurilock offering for enterprises.

Over the second half of 2020, we've been privileged to have received a good deal of valuable feedback from our clients—and our development team has been hard at work executing on the requested changes and additions.

As a result, we're wrapping up the year at Plurilock™ with an exciting product release designed to make Plurilock a compelling solution for a wider variety of organizations than ever before.

Here are some of the highlights.

Increased Scalability and High Availability

One of the highest priority items for this release has been the transformation of Plurilock's cloud server architecture into a platform able to serve large numbers of users efficiently and effectively while minimizing effects from operational and infrastructure hiccups.

Under the hood, Plurilock's cloud server now boasts enhanced fault tolerance and system availability through a modular, adaptive architecture, and more agile failover capabilities. This change gives enterprise clients confidence that Plurilock is a dependable productivity enhancer that organizations can rely on.

Privacy and Machine Learning Enhancements

For the Q4'20 release we've also introduced new optimizations in our behavioral biometrics infrastructure that reduce the amount of data that Plurilock must gather and maintain to continuously identify users, significantly enhancing Plurilock's already strong privacy posture.

We've also enabled new kinds of learning automation in Plurilock's machine learning system. These enable Plurilock users to generate mature behavioral-biometric identity profiles more quickly, and with less input from users or administrators during learning.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

The Q4'20 release also introduces Plurilock's own iOS and Android mobile apps for use with Plurilock ADAPT™ in step-up authentication.

The team has been hard at work on our most enterprise-friendly release ever, which brings high availability, proxy support, and enhancements to privacy and behavioral-biometric training. © Plurilock

When ADAPT can't confirm a user's identity using behavioral biometrics, administrators often prefer to have another MFA strategy available, as a backup or "step-up"—to enable users to find another way to log in without IT support help.

Though ADAPT can be used with a wide variety of other MFA tools for step-up authentication, organizations that prefer a single-vendor Plurilock solution can now use Plurilock's own in-house mobile apps.

Support for New Mac, Windows, Proxy Configurations

As part of the Q4'20 release, Mac and Windows proxy environments are now also supported configurations. This enables enterprises that rely on proxy services for security to leverage Plurilock's continuous authentication capabilities without additional integration, work-arounds, or software tools.

This release also adds support for very recent versions of Apple Mac hardware and Apple's Mac OS operating system, to better serve clients whose environments include newer Mac OS endpoints.

New Support Experience

Between now and January, Plurilock clients will also be onboarded into our new support portal, which brings support ticketing into client view. This will enable clients to log in and directly track statuses and activity on support and service tickets.

Also included in the support portal are a new knowledge base and software distribution mechanism for Plurilock software components, making the Plurilock experience smoother and more integrated than it has previously been, particularly when support is needed.

Rolling the Q4'20 Release Out

Plurilock's Q4'20 release is launching today—and we'll be rolling the update out to existing clients between now and mid-January 2021.

We're particularly excited to be releasing enhancements that make Plurilock a more compelling offering for enterprise clients, for whom scalability, reliability, flexibility, and support are make-or-break—and we've got even more great work planned for the year to come.

Stay tuned! ■

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