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Why Plurilock™ Products Are a Step Ahead of Competing Solutions

Behavioral biometrics is enjoying something of a boom over the last year or two. Analysts now predict a large role for behavioral biometric solutions  in cybersecurity in coming years, and new behavioral-biometric authentication providers are appearing with regularity.

This is great for security, and great for behavioral biometrics as a technology, but it can also be confusing. How are all of these providers different? What sets a provider like Plurilock™ apart from the rest? We thought it was time to pause and answer those questions.

Plurilock is a founder in the field of behavioral biometrics. Research team members are are highly published, with thousands of citations. © Christina Morillo / Pexels

Here's how Plurilock is different.

Plurilock Is an Industry Founder

Spun out from early research done at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, employing founders in the field, and holding multiple foundational patents, Plurilock was instrumental in the invention of the technology, as well as in its subsequent commercialization.

We're not just a behavioral biometrics provider, we're a key behavioral biometrics inventor and research hub whose scientists boast thousands of citations in the scientific literature.

Plurilock Doesn't Stop at Behavioral Biometrics

Our solutions pair behavioral biometrics with other ambient streams of data to create an authentication tool  that is even more robust than behavioral biometrics alone can be.

Technologies like travel validation, device fingerprinting, and context analysis augment behavioral biometrics in complementary ways to significantly boost robustness.

Plurilock Solutions are Battle-Tested and Growing

Plurilock has been operating "in the wild" in tough environments for years. Our technology is battle-tested and operational now, and our roadmap shows a deep commitment to continued innovation and research.

We're not just trying to achieve sound behavioral biometric authentication, we're there with a strong technology foundation—but we're not stopping there. We're pressing ever farther ahead to provide the most advanced, robust authentication solutions possible.

Plurilock is Continuous-Capable

In that vein, Plurilock offers continuous, real-time, background authentication  for enterprise endpoints right now, not merely "soon" or in the future—and our solutions are mature, easily deployed, and compatible with commodity environments and operating systems.

Work with U.S. and Canadian defense agencies provides Plurilock with unmatched cybersecurity experience—in demanding contexts. USAF Photo

Continuous authentication is a product at Plurilock, not just a goal, and our continuous authentication solutions have been in operation and deployment for years—not days, weeks, or months.

Plurilock is Literally Military-Grade

Among behavioral biometrics authentication companies, it's Plurilock that's provided technology to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,  the U.S. Department of Defense,  and the Canadian Department of National Defence.  There's a reason for this.

Yet we also believe in the critical importance of security for the cybereconomy as a whole—and provide the very same solutions to private companies that need military-grade security that's easy to deploy and manage while also remaining cost-effective.

Plurilock is Different, and Different is Good

The future of authentication—and thus of cybersecurity more generally—runs through behavioral biometrics. But in our opinion, being a "behavioral biometrics company" isn't enough. The authentication provider of the future:

  • Leverages behavioral biometrics

  • Has top research minds and patents in-house

  • Augments it with ambient multiple forms of identity data

  • Is able to deliver strong authentication products today

  • Provides continuous authentication capability

  • Affordably offers battle-tested, military-grade solutions

This combination of capabilities is what makes Plurilock different—and in today's high-friction, high-cost, compromise-laden cybersecurity environment, we firmly believe that different is good. ■

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