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Plurilock vs. Auth0

How do these product families stack up?

Key Facts and Features

   Multi-factor authentication
   Continuous authentication
   Requires no additional devices
   Requires no new login steps
   Normally invisible to users
    Adaptive and risk-based
   Behavioral factors
   Difficult to overcome via theft
   Mobile step-up capability
   Easy corporate deployment
   Affordable for most companies

Disclaimer: The data shown above represents the opinion of Plurilock, Inc. and is not based on, nor does it include, data or analysis provided by any third parties. This information is provided only for comparison purposes. This data is intended neither to encourage nor discourage the use of Auth0 or any other product. All trademarks shown are the property of their respective owners.

About Plurilock

Plurilock is the leading provider of invisible and continuous risk-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

Plurilock products enable strong background MFA by using machine learning to analyze behavioral-biometric, environmental, and contextual identity factors.

About Auth0

The Auth0 universal authentication and authorization platform protects web, mobile, and legacy applications.

Auth0's MFA solution is flexible, allowing developers to connect with any language or stack. It enables authentication via SMS, email, and third-party authenticators.



Auth0 MFA:

External Reviews for Auth0

5 (5 stars)

“Auth0 does a fantastic job of taking all those hard, risky and tedious parts of making your own authentication system off your plate. Developers literally have no reason to create their own authentication system any more, it's all provided by Auth0. The docs could be clearer. It's very easy to get confused or lost. They could use slightly more user-friendly language in their documentation and management UI. Could have more/clearer examples of best practices and common usages/implementations.”

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2 (2 stars)

“Auth0 isn’t perfect, but the simple integration and the extensive documentation make it easy to update the Authorization system on your website. Support is also fantastic and will happily guide you through anything you just don’t quite understand.”

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3 (3 stars)

“Auth0's enterprise support has been excellent. They are responsive, well informed, and willing to escalate as needed to get things solved. That's a very good thing since their SAML SP is very limited and requires many manual workarounds to play well with others, and their admin interface is terribly unintuitive and unreliable. If you like to spend your days collaborating with your vendors to debug their product offerings, I recommend Auth0. If you're looking for a great SAML SSO platform, keep looking.”

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