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Plurilock vs. RSA

How do these product families stack up?

Key Facts and Features

    Multi-factor authentication
   Continuous authentication
   Requires no additional devices
   Requires no new login steps
   Normally invisible to users
   Adaptive and risk-based
   Behavioral factors
   Difficult to overcome via theft
    Mobile step-up capability
   Easy corporate deployment
    Affordable for most companies

Disclaimer: The data shown above represents the opinion of Plurilock, Inc. and is not based on, nor does it include, data or analysis provided by any third parties. This information is provided only for comparison purposes. This data is intended neither to encourage nor discourage the use of RSA or any other product. All trademarks shown are the property of their respective owners.

About Plurilock

Plurilock is the leading provider of invisible and continuous risk-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

Plurilock products enable strong background MFA by using machine learning to analyze behavioral-biometric, environmental, and contextual identity factors.

About RSA

RSA offers a broad range of products in fraud prevention and identity solutions.

In the MFA space, they offer proprietary TOTP tokens.

The RSA SecurID® hardware token offers a keyfob-style device that displays a 4-6 digit password. This one-time password can be set to change every 30-60 seconds. This provides out-of-band, time-based authentication.



External Reviews for RSA

5  (5 stars)

“Definitely adds an extra layer of security, which is of utmost importance in our times. It's easy to use, the token is always right in front of me. Small size so it doesn't take up a lot of space for storage. Easily fits on a lanyard. It adds an extra step to sign on to many platforms. If I forget the token at work, I can't log in remotely to emails, etc. My organization only supports the option to have a physical token, rather than a "soft token" such as on a smart phone.”

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4.5 (4.5 stars)

“Its quick. It feels secure. The key is easy to put on a keychain. Gives me an indication of when the code is going to expire. Need to wait till code changes if the code is close to expiration. Key is easy to lose. Key needs battery to run and is not easily replaced. Consider having a virtual portal for RSA iD and rechargeable key fobs. I'm connect to companies vpn using my RSA Secure ID.”

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3 (3 stars)

“It allows me to access my company's network and work remotely once I enter in the proper credentials on the screen using my phone. It has been pretty reliable and I don't often get "kicked off". I don't like that there's only a limited amount of time (1 minute) to correctly enter the code into the laptop's remote access screen once it pops up. Sometimes, the code doesn't work and I need to wait for it to expire and for a new one to pop up. ”

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3 (3 stars)

“The product is useful and a viable security solution, but better solutions are on the market. Glitches and inconsistencies are frequent, and the product seems tempermental overall.”

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