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Plurilock DEFEND

Detect illicit cyber activity in real-time.

Ensure identity and credential security by invisibly identifying compromised sessions and credentials with our patented behavioral biometrics and machine learning technology.

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Add total identity awareness and complete security with SIEM, EDR enablement, UBA enablement, and more

Get frictionless login with end-to-end security

  • Protect your enterprise by continuously authenticating your users
  • Confirm user identity in real-time in the background
  • Generate rich and insightful SIEM data about intrusions
  • Create audit-friendly identity assurance logs
  • Detect and prevent phishing


Add total identity awareness and complete security with SIEM, EDR enablement, UBA enablement, and more

Biometric authentication

Confirm a user's identity every 3-5 seconds by analyzing imperceptible micro-patterns within keyboard and pointer interactions.

Credential compromise detection

Compare credentials to an actual user identity and easily validate the presence or absence of the right person behind a screen.

Identity detection

Know the identity of the person who is responsible for key actions and events, regardless of the account used.

Data enrichment

Correlate well-defined periods of credential-to-user mismatch with interactive activity, child processes, and other insights.

Zero Trust computing

Get real-time authentication driven by ML and NIST-compliant identity confirmation to support Zero Trust computing

No hardware deployment

Preserve a full-day identity trail with the standard keyboards and pointing devices already deployed—no devices to buy.


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"Plurilock provides a nearly frictionless experience for users—no extra steps to take, no tokens to fumble around for, no PINS to enter, and nothing to remember."

451 Research

"Our agents log in frequently, and the unobtrusive and almost magical nature of Plurilock ensures they aren't constantly fumbling for a 2FA code."



Behavioral biometrics and machine learning

Avoid multiple layers of credentials with biometric technology and machine learning that relies on unique patterns in user movement over time.


Quickly spot credential theft and misuse

Stop phished credentials at login and spot session takeovers in seconds, without additional steps for authorized users.


Reveal illicit activity with enriched data

Correlate moment-by-moment interaction with interactive processes and events for deep situational awareness.

Seamless protection

Spot, monitor, and identity unauthorized credential use invisibly, all day long

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