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CISO Virtual Happy Hour for July 2020

Plurilock Events

CISO Virtual Happy Hour for July 2020


July 23, 2020

5:30 pm

Private Zoom Room


It’s a virtual happy hour!

We’ll buy you drinks while you chat face-to-face with people from Plurilock’s C-suite, and with other senior security professionals—virtually.


How do we offer free drinks virtually?

  • Once you register to attend, we’ll follow up by email to get your preferred delivery address. Then we’ll ship you either:
  • Where drinks delivery is unavailable or not preferred, attendees receive a $50 gift card.


We’re deep into work-from-home territory and it looks like restrictions may be returning in many places. Meanwhile, life (and business) go on.

This month, we’d like to hear about your cybersecurity wish list or your current cybersecurity action list:

  • What problems are you currently looking to solve?
  • What solutions are you investigating to solve them?
  • What are you already in the process or buying or deploying?

It’s informal, informative, and technical—last month, there was talk about just how far users are willing to go to escape password rules, whether VDI is the cybersecurity panacea, and whether “passwordless” solutions on the market are currently actually “passwordless.”


  • Ian Paterson, CEO, Plurilock
  • Jord Tanner, CTO, Plurilock
  • Paul Baker, Senior Account Executive, Plurilock
  • Scott Forman, Head of U.S. Sales, Plurilock

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