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CISO Virtual Happy Hour for May 2020

Plurilock Events

CISO Virtual Happy Hour for May 2020


May 14, 2020

5:30 pm

Private Zoom Room


A virtual happy hour—we’ll buy you drinks while you meet other senior security professionals, virtually.


How do we offer free drinks virtually? Well, there’s some lag…

  • After the event, attendees receive a $50 gift certificate toward beer or spirits delivery
  • Where drinks delivery is unavailable or not preferred, attendees receive a $25 XBox, PSN, Nintendo eStore, or Amazon gift card


The work-from-home era is here, and the resulting cybersec/infosec scramble is real.

This month, we’re continuing to solicit input from CISOs and others on the front lines about the challenges and needs of a work-from-home universe, to help us to:

  • Measure how our products align with new WFH facts on the ground, and
  • Decide how our roadmap can evolve to support WFH needs

It’s informal, informative, and technical—last month, there was talk about securing VDI streams, live patching remote critical systems, and how SOCs are adapting their incident boards.


  • Ian Paterson, CEO, Plurilock
  • Jord Tanner, CTO, Plurilock
  • Paul Baker, Senior Account Executive, Plurilock
  • Scott Forman, Head of U.S. Sales, Plurilock

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