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How to get The Board Onboard with Cybersecurity

Ian L. Paterson CEO, Plurilock Security Inc.

Gerry Owens, Former VP Enterprise IAM, TD Bank

Larry Whiteside Jr. , Chief Security Officer, CyberClan

Plurilock Events

How to get The Board Onboard with Cybersecurity


February 11, 2021

2:00 pm

Virtual Event


Getting buy-in from the board is essential to creating an effective cybersecurity strategy for any organization. Translating the value of proactive investment in security technology, processes, or policies can be difficult.

Attend this virtual event to hear about:

  • Tying cybersecurity initiatives to business goals and realities

  • Stories of success and challenges with board buy-in

Live Q&A will follow.

Join us for a great discussion!


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