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MFA is Not Enough

Learn about Plurilock AI Complete with DEFEND™ continuous authentication and prepare your organization for Zero Trust

Paul Baker
Head of Channel Sales, Plurilock Security Inc.

Edwin Davis
Senior Solutions Architect, Plurilock Security Inc.

Travis Abrams
Director, Managed Services, UNS

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MFA is Not Enough


July 11, 2023

11:00 am


Data breaches are on the rise with the shift to remote work.

According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, the average cost of a breach is now some US$4.35 million.

Meanwhile, regulations continue to emerge, compelling organizations to invest in cybersecurity. These also impose new difficulties and costs.

Plurilock’s DEFEND™ technology can help.

  • DEFEND™ detects compromised credentials and sessions in real-time, as work happens.
  • DEFEND™ uses behavioral biometrics and machine learning to recognize users based on movement as they interact with keyboards and pointing devices.
  • DEFEND™ compares the current user’s ongoing movement patterns with those of the account owner every few seconds, logging a resulting risk level.
  • Use this risk level for alerts or SOAR, or query DEFEND for a grant-or-deny decision based on real-time biometric identity.

This webinar will explain clearly how DEFEND can help your organization, with our experts standing by to answer your questions.

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