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Plurilock and Cycura Present

Patient Data in The Crosshairs: The Healthcare Breaches of 2020

Ian L. Paterson
CEO, Plurilock

Iain Paterson
CEO, Cycura

David Dowe
Director of Cybersecurity, ICES

John Daniele
VP Threat Intelligence, Scope Security

Arjun Kumar
CIO, Well Health

Plurilock Events

Patient Data in The Crosshairs: The Healthcare Breaches of 2020


November 12, 2020

2:00 pm

Virtual Event


Panel Discussion

A number of major healthcare data breaches and attacks have marked 2020 thus far—including:

  • LifeLabs — 15 million Canadians’ health records exposed
  • MediSys/Telus — ransom paid to retrieve the healthcare records of 60,000 patients
  • AMCA — data from 7.7 million LabCorp patients and 12 million Quest Diagnostic patients exposed

What’s going on in the world of healthcare cybersecurity?

Why are these breaches happening, what needs to be done, and how can breaches like these be prevented in the future?

Meet the Panel

At this event, five cybersecurity experts meet virtually to discuss these breaches and the healthcare cybersecurity landscape going forward:

  • Ian L. Paterson, CEO of Plurilock
  • Iain Paterson, CEO of Cycura
  • David Dowe, Director of Cybersecurity at ICES
  • John Daniele, VP Threat Intelligence at Scope Security
  • Arjun Kumar, CIO at Well Health

Join us for an engaging 45-minute discussion followed by 15 minutes of audience Q&A about the state of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry.

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