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Using DEFEND with Splunk® Presentation

Paul Baker
Channel Sales Manager, Plurilock Security Inc.

Aron Hsiao
VP Product, Plurilock Security Inc.

Joel Eng
Solutions Architect, Plurilock Security Inc.

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Using DEFEND with Splunk® Presentation


July 15, 2021

2:00 pm

Virtual Event


Join Plurilock’s Channel Sales Manager Paul Baker, Solutions Architect Joel Eng, and Vice President of Product, Dr. Aron Hsiao for a technical deep dive into Plurilock’s powerful new Splunk app. Learn how to leverage the most advanced features of Splunk with Plurilock DEFEND to:

  • Chart and visualize user risk over time and across sessions
  • Correlate behavioral biometric risk ratings with Windows security events
  • Deterministically separate human and machine-generated events
  • Plot process chains across multiple computers and assign them risk

Join us for a great discussion!


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