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Plurilock October 2023 Newsletter

Plurilock October 2023 Newsletter

Social Engineering Attacks in Today’s World: A Looming Threat to Organizations

Social Engineering attacks are at an all time high with threat levels far surpassing those of more traditional cyber attacks. Here’s what that means in today’s world and for today’s organizations.

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Press Release

Plurilock strengthens U.S. government ties, expanding North American footprint.

Press Release

The patent approval allows Plurilock to expand intellectual property while continuing to develop new technology and advancing solutions.

Press Release

This deal bolsters Plurilock's federal agency presence and long-term prospects.


Plurilock AI Cloud: Our SSO, access control, and CASB leads in customer satisfaction.

Plurilock AI Cloud lives and breathes in the cloud, interfacing directly with every cloud app your employees use to manage logins for simplicity and to control access to sensitive data and systems for security.



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