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Plurilock September 2023 Newsletter

Plurilock September 2023 Newsletter

Password Managers Aren't a Substitute for Single Sign-on (SSO)

No, password managers aren't an acceptable substitute for single-sign on (SSO) logins. If you're not using SSO, you should be. Here are some of the many reasons why.

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The council includes leading cybersecurity industry experts who have held senior management roles at world-class organizations.


Philip de Souza, President of Plurilock's Aurora division, leads a robust panel discussion on the multi-faceted landscape of cybersecurity.



Plurilock AI Cloud DLP Safeguards Your Google and Microsoft Data

Plurilock AI Cloud DLP gives you control over how your data travels—whether it can be downloaded, shared, emailed, or copy-pasted—with industry-leading customer satisfaction and a lower TCO than competing products.



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