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The only AI-based cloud Security Operations Center (SOC)

XeneX provides comprehensive AI-enabled Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service (SOC-as-a- Service) called xenexSOC. Our suite of robust and scalable solutions eliminates the challenges of deploying enterprise-class security solutions including costs, risks, resources, time-to-market, and administration. By integrating and centralizing the collective intelligence from several integrated security tools, xenexSOC offers cost-effective, high-performance solutions controlled and managed from the cloud that meet compliance requirements, diverse business needs and ensure the necessary protection of your IT assets.


The only AI-based cloud SOC that integrates multiple security tools into one platform.


xenexDetect & Respond

Comprehensive SOC platform that is integrated with industry leading AI security solutions.

Detect & Respond_


A combination of pre-incident services provided by our Managed SOC, by the Enterprise Immune System, and by the autonomous response.

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