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Plurilock Invites

Plurilock Invites: Threatcasting with Cyndi Coon

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Cyndi Coon

Founder, CEO Labratory 5 Inc., Labratory 5 Inc.

SME: Threatcasting, Information Shaping, Coolabilities Cyndi Coon Founder-President-CEO, Laboratory5 Inc. (F. 2003) is an ecosystem producer, writer, facilitator and trainer for government agencies, military, higher education, NGOs and NPOs. She is a subject matter expert in information shaping, Futurecasting and Threatcasting. Cyndi Coon is the Founder and Producing Director at Applied Futures Lab, Chief of Staff at the Threatcasting Lab, and Producing Director at the Weaponized Narrative Initiative. She is on the board of directors People Centered Internet. LINKS Producing Director Applied Futures Lab Chief of Staff ThreatcastingLab Producing Director Weaponized Narrative Initiative Founder and CEO Laboratory5 Inc. LinkedIn: cyndicoon

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