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Plurilock Adds Veteran Multinational Security Leader as Advisor

National cybersecurity expert held previous leadership roles as the former head of security at Bombardier, Airbus, and Bell Canada

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA—Plurilock Security Inc. (TSXV: PLUR) (“Plurilock” or the “Company”), an innovative cybersecurity company that provides frictionless and continuous authentication using machine learning and behavioral biometrics, this week announced the addition of Gaétan Houle as a senior advisor to the company.

A professional engineer with 35 years of security leadership experience, Mr. Houle brings deep expertise to one of Canada’s most innovative cybersecurity companies.

Mr. Houle has previously led in a variety of security roles, including senior positions in the Canadian Federal Government, among them Chief Engineer of Communications Security at the Department of National Defence and Director of Corporate Security at the former Department of Foreign Affairs, now known as Global Affairs Canada.

In the private sector, Mr. Houle served as Chief Security Officer for several multinational corporations, including Bombardier Aerospace, Airbus Group, and Bell Canada, where he led the initiative to protect IT and telecom systems for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. Before joining Plurilock, Mr. Houle most recently served as National Cybersecurity Practice Leader at Ernst & Young Canada.

“Mr. Houle brings over 35 years of security experience to the table and is widely regarded as an expert in the field of cybersecurity,” says Plurilock CEO Ian L. Paterson. “The knowledge that he’s gained over his career at some of the most prominent multinational organizations in the world will enhance our ability to align with large enterprises, critical infrastructure providers, and regulated industries-three of our most important target markets.”

About Plurilock

Plurilock is an innovative, identity-centric cybersecurity company that reduces or eliminates the need for passwords, extra authentication steps, and cumbersome authentication devices. Plurilock’s software leverages state-of-the-art behavioral-biometric, environmental, and contextual technologies to provide invisible, adaptive, and risk-based authentication solutions with the lowest possible cost and complexity. Plurilock enables organizations to compute safely-and with peace of mind.

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Ian L. Paterson
Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Investor Relations

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