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Plurilock Announces Addition of Cybersecurity Leader Ed Hammersla to Board of Directors

High-profile industry veteran brings experience, expertise to growing advanced authentication provider.

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA—Plurilock Security Solutions, Inc., leading provider of behavioral-biometric authentication technologies, this week announced the addition of seasoned software executive Ed Hammersla, formerly of Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS), to its board of directors. The appointment took effect as of April 1st, 2020.

Hammersla brings over 40 years of software and cybersecurity experience to Plurilock as an independent director, including successful tenures at TCS, Forcepoint, Raytheon Cyber Products, IBM, NEC, Informix Federal, and Sterling Software.

“With Ed’s completely unique background in cybersecurity platforms, ecosystems, and infrastructure, we saw him immediately as a key addition to our growing team” says Barry Carlson, chairman of Plurilock’s board of directors. “Ed has insights, connections, and experiences across the industry that can’t be duplicated. We’re fortunate to add such a steady wellspring of knowledge and skill to our leadership team.”

A startup veteran with deep ties to the venture capital community as a CEO, investor, and advisor, Hammersla was also instrumental in the development of the trusted Linux platform that gave rise to industry-standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and now serves on the external advisory board of the Critical Infrastructure Resilience Institute.

“We’re in a moment of rapid change in the security industry,” says Plurilock CEO Ian Paterson. “Companies are shifting rapidly to a remote workforce posture even as the best practices of a few years ago—one-time passwords, biometric scans, anti-malware, and so on—are really showing cracks and unplanned costs. Ed has a deep understanding of the day-to-day security needs and realities in the verticals that we serve—and how these will evolve going forward.”

Plurilock expects Hammersla’s critical expertise in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments, security policy and compliance, and enterprise cybersecurity to support its continued growth and expanding list of offerings and capabilities.

About Plurilock

Plurilock is the leader in advanced and continuous authentication for standards and regulatory compliance. Plurilock’s software leverages state-of-the-art behavioral-biometric, environmental, and contextual technologies to provide invisible, adaptive, and risk-based MFA solutions with the lowest possible cost and complexity. Plurilock enables organizations to compute safely—and with peace of mind.

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