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Plurilock CEO Invited to Appear as Expert and Panelist to Consider Biometrics Uses, Technology, Issues

Chief Ian Paterson and other key figures will discuss the science, regulation, and privacy concerns surrounding biometrics growth at this month's Victoria, Canada privacy and security conference.

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA—Plurilock CEO Ian Paterson has been invited to appear this week on a panel titled The State of Biometrics and Facial Recognition at the 21st Annual Privacy & Security Conference in Victoria, Canada.

Panelists in the discussion, which takes place on Thursday, February 6th, will discuss the rapid expansion of biometrics applications and deployments across a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, law enforcement, human resources, and national defense, amongst others.

In particular, panelists will work to consider and clarify the science, regulation, and privacy issues that have both affected and been affected by real-world biometrics growth in recent years—and the ways in which this growth has shaped concerns about and approaches to security and cybersecurity, in industry and in the public sphere.

Paterson's co-panelists will include Joni Brennan, President of the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada; Dr. Andrew Adams, Deputy Director, Center for Business Information Ethics, Meiji University; and Brenda McPhail, Director of the Privacy, Technology, and Surveillance Project, Canadian Civil Liberties association. Moderation will be provided by Jill Clayton, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta, Canada.

Following the panel, Paterson and Plurilock will host a private reception for key attendees to enable the discussion to continue, to add additional expert voices to it from across industry and government, and to support the generation of related new initiatives and relationships.

Details on the panel can be found in the 21st Annual Privacy & Security Conference agenda.

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Plurilock is the leader in advanced and continuous authentication for standards and regulatory compliance. Plurilock’s software leverages state-of-the-art behavioral-biometric, environmental, and contextual technologies to provide invisible, adaptive, and risk-based MFA solutions with the lowest possible cost and complexity. Plurilock enables organizations to compute safely—and with peace of mind.

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