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Plurilock CloudCodes™ SSO, CASB, and DLP

The Problem

Lots of security compliance, all in one simple platform.

Compliance is becoming a complex, expensive headache.Your users are navigating dozens of logins. Your data is stored in cloud systems that anyone in the world can reach.

CloudCodes enables you to meet more compliance requirements in one simple platform than other products do—while delivering cost savings for you and time savings for your users.

the solution

CloudCodes secures your users, software, and data—simply.

Single sign-on.

Enable your users to sign on once, securely, to access every cloud app they use, whether you're an O365 or Google shop.

Access control.

Ensure that users can only access accounts or data from certain locations, hardware, or browsers.

Cloud security.

Control which users are allowed to perform which cloud application tasks under which circumstances.

Data loss prevention.

Prevent sensitive company data from being shared, even by email, apart from the users and data you choose to allow.

Workday control.

Make sure that users only work during the workday—and that when the workday is over, they are signed off.

Identity sanity.

Achieve a seamless, flexible, single-login identity universe across Google, Azure, and Active Directory.

How it Works

Modern cloud security in a less complex, more affordable package.

Buying security tools is often a labor-intensive, puzzling process that chews through dollars and time, even once a purchase is made.

CloudCodes provides the security fundamentals that auditors require for standards like CMMC and ISO, without the pain, complexity, and excess found in other products.

Standards-based single sign-on provider

CASB integration with major SaaS apps and platforms

Flexible rules-based access control

Application, OS, and email-based data loss prevention

Both agent and agentless modes depending on your needs

CloudCodes creates a new perimeter around the cloud services that run your company—securing access and preventing unauthorized data exfiltration.

Why It's Different

Surprising accessibility.

Our customers like CloudCodes because they can buy, configure, and begin to operate CloudCodes in hours, not weeks or months—on a cost basis that is easy to get through approvals.

Why It's enterprise-ready

Plurilock know-how.

Plurilock is a leading provider of cutting-edge identity and cybersecurity solutions trusted by governments and regulated enterprises in demanding environments around the world.

Identity Without Friction

Invisible login MFA. Continuous authentication.

Recognize your users without SMS, OTP, hard tokens, or devices. SAML, OIDC, and ADFS ready.


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