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Zero Trust by DEFEND.
Persisted by Absolute Software.

Continuous authentication with self-healing capabilities from Absolute Software.

Continuous Authentication

Plurilock DEFEND™ Persisted Solution

In a time where the cyber threat continues to grow and the workforce continues to shift to a remote environment, zero trust solutions that authenticate identity and protect endpoints from attacks are more critical than ever.

Companies need confidence that mission-critical solutions remain installed and operational, and that networks and sensitive data are protected.

Whether it’s workers using personal devices with admin privileges or attackers looking to move laterally within systems to exfiltrate data and remove security programs like DEFEND, a new type of technology is needed to secure these devices.

That’s where Absolute Application Persistence™ comes in.

Application Persistence

How does it work?

This new technology will complement the existing functions of DEFEND, ensuring that the product will continue to invisibly authenticate users throughout the day, now with self-healing capabilities built in.

Cyber attackers will continue trying to access critical assets and compromising systems. Now your organization can leverage technology that persists in protecting against those attacks.

DEFEND Persisted

Real-time identity.

Confirm a user's identity continuously, every 3-5 seconds, for the duration of open session work—no gaps or uncertainty.

Telemetry capability.

Gain access to telemetry data that offers insights into application health and performance.

built in.

Ensure DEFEND functions on a device — without being modified, deleted, or stopped, even with local administrative privileges.

Firmware-embedded technology.

Absolute's firmware-embedded architecture does not rely on OS-level or kernel-managed permissions for its self-healing capabilities.

Plurilock DEFEND Persisted™

Real-time credential and session compromise detection.
No added hardware.

Compare biometric identity to in-use credentials every 3-5 seconds, all day long.
Detect compromises rapidly with the hardware you already have.


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