Plurilock DEFEND
for Amazon Workspaces

Continuous zero trust identity confirmation in Amazon Workspaces environments

Securing Amazon Workspace Environments

DEFEND Zero Trust Identity Solution

With a growing number of workers operating in hybrid and remote environments, companies have been implementing virtual infrastructure to provide access to sensitive company data off-site.

Enterprises that implement virtualization can realize savings from the staff costs and resources required of traditional device-centric infrastructure and provide a solution to BYOD situations. But organizations are still vulnerable to credential compromise and other forms of unauthorized access in these environments.

The result? The possibility of a breach. Unauthorized users accessing sensitive materials within virtual sessions.

How can you realize the benefits of virtual environments while minimizing the risk of unauthorized access?

Continuous identity confirmation

Plurilock DEFEND™ protects virtual sessions in real time.

Plurilock DEFEND acts as a frictionless and flexible identity confirmation solution that continually verifies the identity of the session’s authorized user without impacting their productivity.

Continuous identity assurance

Monitor user identity throughout the session, regardless of application, to verify and confirm that the right user is still in control.

Frictionless confirmation

Reduce IT support requirements and frustration churn while maintaining the strongest possible level of identity confidence.

PC over IP (PCoIP) compatible

Protect BYOD and managed VDI endpoints, remote workforces, and large work environments with regulatory compliance requirements.

Zero trust enabling

Achieve zero trust with an architecture that provides continuous, adaptative identity feedback to allied systems.

Compatible Systems

Endpoint/Edge Device Configuration

Amazon WorkSpaces Configuration

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