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Make generative AI like ChatGPT safer for your business.

The Need

Keep your sensitive data out of the hands of AI platforms.

The age of generative AI is here, and your users are adopting it at a rapid pace. But as your AI use climbs, so does the amount of company data pouring into ChatGPT or Bard.

Document summaries. Formatting data into tables. Drafting documents and letters. You can’t just block AI—the gains are too great. Your users will quickly find workarounds. Your competitiveness will suffer.

Is there a technology solution?

the solution

Plurilock AI PromptGuard enables safer AI use—instead of blocking AI entirely.

Plurilock AI PromptGuard is a new way to enable AI use inside your organization—more safely, and in a way that supports, rather than undermines, data governance and compliance.

Smart detection.

Detect and replace private or sensitive data with anonymized strings before it's sent to the AI, preventing data leakage.

User invisibility.

Results displayed to users reference original data rather than anonymized data, making PromptGuard invisible.

AI enablement.

Continue to benefit from AI capabilities rather than leaking data or being forced to block employee AI use entirely.


PromptGuard Hides Data From AI—
Not From Your Users

PromptGuard acts like a firewall for AI, sitting in the middle of the chat, between your users and the AI.

As your users enter prompts, PromptGuard scans them for confidential data and redacts this data before sending the prompt to the AI Platform.

When responses are returned, PromptGuard restores the original names, numbers, or other data—so that the answers make sense to users.

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