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Publication: CBC

So you gave personal info to a company caught in a data breach. Now what?

“It’s very easy and common to use the same password, or maybe you have a small list of passwords. But this is exactly what the bad guys prey upon,” Ian L. Paterson, CEO of Plurilock Security, said from Victoria.

“Whenever a password gets breached from a hack or a data breach, it’s very common for the bad guys to use bots to test that password and see where else that password can be used.”

SkillsPEI apologizes for privacy breach

Ian L. Paterson, a cybersecurity expert, told CBC News that although he thinks the risk in this situation is low, it’s still present.

“The challenge with any data breach is how that data can be used by bad guys,” said Paterson, who’s CEO of Plurilock Security.

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