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ELK Stack

ELK Stack

ELK Stack or Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana Stack, is an open-source bundle of tools designed to ingest data from any source and then to enable users to search, analyze, and visualize that data in real time. This makes ELK a natural fit for SIEM applications.

Ingest DEFEND risk data with ELK

Filter, report, and act on high-risk events

Maintain environment-wide awareness

Leverage DEFEND flexibly

Use Plurilock with Security Information and Event Managers (SIEMs) to gather and act on risk data from across your environment.

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Plurilock's ELK connector links the power of Plurilock DEFEND with the flexibility of the leading open source SIEM solution.

Ingest DEFEND Data With ELK

Bring DEFEND's real-time identity and risk data into your ELK Stack alongside other environmental and risk signals for correlation, reporting, and visualization—to maximize your security, risk, and incident awareness.

Make DEFEND Work for Your Application

The power of open source lies in its flexibility and customizability. Plurilock's ELK Stack connector provides a way to enjoy these benefits while making use of DEFEND's patented behavioral biometrics and machine learning capabilities.



Achieve true zero trust.

Enrich your SIEM data with invisible biometric identity.
Track high-fidelity alerts about people—not credentials, accounts, or activities.


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