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IBM Security™ QRadar® delivers deep security intelligence and analytics to enterprises that require meaningful insight into and monitoring of their environment and ongoing threat landscape.

Ingest DEFEND risk data with QRadar®

Filter, report, and act on high-risk events

Enhance and focus threat insights

Deepen situational and risk awareness

Use Plurilock with Security Information and Event Managers (SIEMs) to gather and act on risk data from across your environment.

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Connect Plurilock DEFEND to QRadar® to enrich data about your risk universe and focus like a laser on the most critical identity threats in your environment.

Ingest DEFEND Data with QRadar

Pull DEFEND's real-time identity and risk data into QRadar® for correlation with other environmental and risk signals to maximize intelligence, deepen analytics, and increase actionable insights while reducing false alert load.

Focus on Insights that Matter

Make security operations center (SOC) analysts more effective and more efficient by enabling them to zero in on the threats that are more significant, reducing time spent on false alarms and ambiguous signals.



Achieve true zero trust.

Enrich your SIEM data with invisible biometric identity.
Track high-fidelity alerts about people—not credentials, accounts, or activities.


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